Whether you are visiting this site by chance or because someone shared the link with you: WELCOME. I invite you to take a brief stroll through my little green-tinted cyber-world, where you'll find a little music, a little poetry, and a variety of reflections on life and the meaning of life.

I write songs and sing them for people. I also sing a bunch of really good cover songs. I've been doing this for more than thirty years now and can truthfully say I am enjoying it more than ever. This website is my cyber-connection to people around the world.

I write about things I have personally experienced and witnessed, and about subjects which I feel very deeply about and believe to be of the utmost importance to all people, regardless of who they are. Sometimes I simply reflect on memories from my childhood, or on personal experiences that at first glance may not seem to have any specific moral or spiritual lesson - but those lessons are there in the stories and in the songs even when the reader or the listener may not be aware of them.

Although at times I may address such controversial subjects as politics, religion, morality, economics, etc, as well as a variety of other things I consider to be important, my motivation and purpose is never to disparage or degrade others whose beliefs and philosophies may differ from my own. However, I do challenge others to re-think and re-evaluate their faith, their traditions, and many of the commonly accepted notions and myths that do not stand up under an honest evaluation of reason and fact. I sincerely desire for all people to have faith in God, to do good works, and to be kind and compassionate.

I wish to promote respect and love between people, and a deeper appreciation for truth and spiritual enlightenment. I try to speak without prejudice and without respect of persons. I believe that in Jesus Christ we are all one spirit by faith in Him who loved us and gave His life to redeem us from our sins. There are no earthly, carnal distinctions in Christ. Not even male and female. I speak to the spiritual, not to the natural.

My wife Mary and I share in the creation of this website. Our goal is to provide a peaceful and uplifting website containing spiritual songs and spiritual words of meditation and thoughtful reflection. Christ continues to give us hope and peace and spiritual guidance in these troubling days of wide-spread confusion, immorality, violence, and political upheaval. Our aim is that the content found here is both informative and comforting to everyone who visits rkwsongwriter.com. Share the words and music with others if you have found them to be a blessing to your soul and spirit.