There's a sense of depth and mystery in nearly all of Wilkerson's songs, even the simple love songs, that is rare in modern songwriters.

Wilkerson's songs are definitely born of experience, although Wilkerson says his songs are more often inspired by the lives of friends.

Wilkerson's songs reference politics, religion, social issues, spiritual searches and romance (sometimes all in the same number) and there's a rawness that gives them an outsider-artist edge.

Wayne Bledsoe – Knoxville News Sentinel


Randall left a note inside the album (REAL MONSTERS LOOK LIKE MEN) letting the listener know that “this is a CD of stories”, adding that “thanks to love and hope, pain and suffering, greed, war and politicians there seems to be plenty to write about”.

And that's what Wilkerson does – he makes candid, intelligent points about everything from pizza to politics without sounding condescending or silly. Wilkerson obviously knows how to write music and produce a song, and it shows.

- Abbey K. Davis –


It's dark, it's light and it is wonderfully and mysteriously genre defying.

I would call it toe tapping and just plain fun to listen to.

- Gary Allen (JJ Cale/The Charlie Daniels Band)